Guide to gen z memes for millennials

Hi! i have noticed by looking through the forums that many millennials do not understand gen z meme culture and comments so i decided to start this thread for anyone confused about popular phrases you often see in your comments.

here is a key to some of our most common phrases:

yeah💖: similar to a southerner saying “bless your heart” it’s not an insult, or a complement, so it is nothing to be offended over. it is used mostly is someone says something very random or strange, for example
“i like to rub cheetos all over my body” “yeah💖”
don’t worry, there are absolutely no bad intentions with it

no💖: similar to the yeah💖, except it’s disagreeing.
for example: “tr*mp2020” “no💖”
again, no bad intentions

any :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: song :fairy: lyric :crazy_face: with :flushed: emojis :nail_care: between :sparkling_heart: each :cold_face: word :rage:: just a throwaway comment, it’s literally just a meme and means nothing. again, nothing to be offended by.

fairy comments: they might sound harsh, but are just jokes. to someone who has never seen one before i can guarantee they are not serious, and are just jokes (except for the ones under tr*mps instagram posts :relieved: ) don’t take them seriously, on tiktok it was common to have people asking for fairy comments or laughing at fairy comments they received, so the majority of us didn’t realize that many of you would take them so harshly.
some examples of a fairy comment:
everyone makes mistakes :sparkling_heart::fairy:‍♂:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:you’re one of them​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::nail_care::sparkles:
take a nap :rainbow::sparkles::fairy:‍♂ and don’t wake up :fairy:‍♂:sparkles::rainbow:
again nothing to worry about

alt tiktok: i’ve seen a lot of og byte users saying we are “self conscious teens” and that we “just want love and support and a safe space” sure that true for many of us, but that isn’t what alt tiktok is. alt tiktok is comprised of the alt girls and boys, the gays, and anyone with an actual sense of humor. it is the tiktok you do not see in adds for the app, no dances or thirst traps here! our current trends are all making fun of shane dawson, jeffery star, gabbie hannah (basically all the 30 y/o problematic youtubers) memes, etc. do not take our jokes to seriously.

deep tiktok: it bleeds into alt tiktok, the lines are kinda blurred, but deep tiktok has a lot of the deep fried videos and frogs and beans etc

straight tiktok: the tiktok you see when you first open the app, it is what is advertised. it is full of dances, thirst traps, and conservatives. we HATE straight
tiktok. it’s the default in a way, it’s where you start when your first make an account and the algorithm hasn’t begun yet. some names you might know from straight tiktok are Charli demelio, lilhuddy, addison rae (thats all i know because i say faaaar from straight tiktok)
we are not bullied by straight tiktok, i have no idea where that rumor came from, for the most part straight tiktok does not know we exist, and if anything we bully them for posting their disgusting thirst traps.

long story short, don’t take anything we say to heart, it’s all old jokes and memes that are difficult to explain to someone who has never been on tiktok or seen what we reference. if you are nice to us we will be nice back, and you will quickly get comments like “he/she is our byte king/queen” “can you be my dad/mom now” “be the father i never had” etc. the main reason some people are getting more hate than others is because those getting the “hate”, are fighting it, thinking that we are serious which will bring more negativity.

i’ve also seen a couple people saying that we have been telling millennials to k*ll themselves, which is weird, i haven’t seen anyone say that and most of us don’t seem the type to say something like that. what you are probably getting are fairy comments that are like “you snapped :fairy:‍♂:sparkling_heart: now do your neck :crazy_face::nail_care:” that isn’t telling you to end your life, it’s just a joking fairy comment. don’t take it seriously!!

i think everything is being lost in translation so if you get any comment that seems like someone is telling you to k*ll yourself, send it here and i can explain it to you, because chances are it’s just a joke!

i know the change is hard but please understand that most of us are coming from a place where no one got hurt by these comments, seeing people angry about them is new to us, so we just assume that they are overly sensitive. we have very thick skin due to growing up in such a shitty world, so i’m sure you can understand!

thanks for reading and again, send any comments you don’t understand my way!


Could you explain to me how it’s not a bad intention to comment no❤️ when you don’t need to express your dislike in the first place.


no :heart:

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I say no❤️ or yeah❤️ when I want to comment something but like I don’t know what to comment

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So say you don’t like something, you feel compelled to comment on the content instead of moving on?

TL;DR, i get it but these post are becoming too repetitive, there are several similar topics to this. the cycle repeats, someone creates a topic like this and starts a debate similar… etc. :upside_down_face:

don’t be a bandwagon, be a leader :wink:

yes🔺 / no🔻


I see no❤️ comments snowball into direct abuse. Experienced it. I don’t think it’s harmless.

No❤️ is harmless If you take no in a serious way then idk man


How is harmless when it starts with no❤️ and then the same person repeats it on your other bytes and ends up telling you to kill yourself or get off the app etc etc

It’s targeted abuse.

No would still be harmless It would be the person that is harmful

Tiktok is built on riding the bandwagon in content and apparently in comments even. I would encourage them to remember this is not tiktok.

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It’s not just the words you use it’s how you use them that makes it dangerous territory. No❤️ is an invitation to further negativity and hate.

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“no❤️” seems to be like the “dislike” button we have been debating on whether to have or not. For me, it translates into “no love.” Users actively engaging in expressing “no love” does not create a positive or welcoming atmosphere. So I am against it. I mean, If you like something, you click the heart, if you don’t, just keep scrolling. easy.

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I just wanna see some content. Like again. I’ve seen the same video over and over again. All of you Gen Z keep posting the same exact videos with text over them. You’ve gained a higher following then I will ever achieve and it just is a bummer cause the content I’m seeing offers nothing.

I love you all and how passionate you are about who you are and how you stand up for yourselves and what you deem important but to rag on us and just change the app completely to cater to you is not the attitude to have. We just wanna share this space but you guys don’t want that.


it’s not that you comment it when you don’t like something, it’s used when you disagree with an idea or topic.

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what exactly are they saying when they say to k*ll yourself? can you copy and paste it here. it’s probably a fairy comment or a joke that we used a lot on tiktok and it just got lost in translation.

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See we understand that. We have been told it’s a joke several times but it’s just not funny. Mental illness is not something you joke about like that. I’m all for jokes and freedom of speech and I’ve made some jokes that people didn’t appreciate or thought I went to far. But telling someone to end their life regardless of context is never okay.

In 2016 I attempted suicide, luckily I failed. It changed my life. I’ve spent most of my adulthood advocating for mental awareness. And it just hurts to see that this is why you guys think is funny.

I’ve had friends leave already that supported this app from the beginning. Because of stuff that was said. I would say put yourself in our shoes but I don’t think that would get us anywhere.

Again I want you guys to stay and enjoy being here but just can we cool it? A lot of people were here from the get go to escape toxicity so let’s just keep it that way.


it doesn’t mean no love exactly, like i said it’s a disagreement. it’s kinda hard to explain the tone it’s in over a chat but i will try to explain.
it is usually used in one of these two tones, and it’s kind of up to you to decide which it is.

  1. you know when you are with a little kid and they are begging to do or get something, so you say in a calm, nice voice “no” that’s how this is. it’s the high pitched no honey voice you use when speaking to a little kid or a dog, it isn’t mean at all

  2. “a hahahahahahah. no.”

I do joke about mental health issues but I don’t joke about other people’s issues like I’m not going to straight up tell someone to go kill themselves