Growing audience

Hey guys, I’ve been a member of community for quite some time now and I am trying to expand my reach and audience, to try and make people laugh. I am commiting to a non verbal comedy, and i try not to talk or use any words except the title. So i am wondering if there is someone out there who would like to maybe do some cool collabs, or even just a rebyte group, as i would like to be a part of one. I’ve seen a few forum posts about rebyte groups but i haven’t yet been added in one. So if there is anyone who is in a rebyte group or if just interested in the collab or just to take a look hit me up on twitter @leonkukovic, or check me out on byte @leonkukovic.

The community is awesome and i hope we stay that way. Critics are also very warmly welcome!
Have a great day everybody! :smiley:

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Always down to collab, already following you on twitter (@itsthejp) and byte, so if you want to dm and figure something out lmk. @yopo on byte


Great content. Keep it up

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