Groupchat for creator newbies

Heyy! I absolutely loved vine like everyone on here, but I was never a creator. So I thought of making a groupchat on twitter for people who are thinking of becoming a creator on v2 but are still new to it. We could help each other with ideas and support each other when v2 is released. So put your username in the comments if you’re interested. Also if you rather want to groupchat to be on another social media like instagram then just tell me :smiley:


There’s another topic about a Twitter group, you might wanna check that out. But i’ll still give you my username just in case you make one. I’m @isthatvas on Twitter!

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There’s so many but my username is @lilandk

yoo like your idea my username is @Aryal_Ashu

I like your idea. I was never good at making vines haha.

Hey Nymsie, I really like the idea you have. I’m in the same boat that your in, I only heard of vine really at the end of it’s life and ever since I heard of v2 I wanted to be apart of it. The only problem I’m facing is that I’m looking for a way too make money off of v2 (terrible job reasons) and I have no idea how to go about it. However I’m still interested in making and sharing videos on v2 and would love to not run in blind. I am @QWERTYwithFilms on twitter

Twitter: aubreyleee_
Instagram: aubreywall13



@TylerIsAlright I cant wait to see you there!

I’m so down for this my twitter @BackToTheYard_

I’m in! @maxwellk_

Cool my username is @rachel_renee03

Twitter: dylancollins95
Snapchat: dylancollins95
Instagram: realdylancollins

Love this idea! My Twitter is plantpalace

peejmich, my twitter is the same!

@arikburak on insta