Group Feeds?

Would love the ability to join groups with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Posts from any/all users IN the group would all be in one central feed specifically for that group.

So like the “Team” idea?

Yep, the team option

I think he’s talking about that

Very similar. Not sure how easy the team feature would be able to use though. I think it would be best to have the ability to do this without a separate “team account” and the option to have private groups as well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me as though teams would be a different kind of joint account, and would be a public page.

Yeah. I think Teams are a public account where multiple artists can join and post videos together. And I think Dom said, in the original post, that these videos would be able to be reposted by members of the Team with different captions.
Maybe I don’t know what you mean? Are you talking about just everybody running 1 account?

Would the groups keep the average v2 users, and “Teams” independent? Using a “+v2group” for personal friends/family, or “+v2team” for the Artist/Creators. Groups being used for personal reasons (chit-chat, lifestyle), while the Team Feature is used for more professional organization purposes (questions about team video captions, promoting members).