Group/Direct Messages

Good Morning Byte Community,

Here me out what if byte allowed certain testers to have direct messaging or creating group messages but you’ll have an option to turn on messaging so you’re not automatically getting spammed by people trying to promote themselves but a better way to share other bytes with fellow bytes besides having the rebyte page which could get lost while scrolling on your homepage. Just a thought. Like a concept called the “b-line” where you and a select few friends can enable direct messages and have a chat to share favorite bytes or even send their byte to you so can you add onto it. I’d just thought let me know what you think or what can be improved about that idea.

Thank you,


@Deann | byte


I believe that this is something they’re going to work on in the future for sharing, I wouldn’t suspect that it’s currently a priority when they already have so much on their plate as is. It’s coming, just not sure when.


DMs have already been discussed a few times if you search the forum, to avoid duplicates its better to search stuff like this before asking.


thanks for the answers yall. to avoid duplicated, ill close this :))