Group chats

Are there any open Twitter or insta group chats?


yep, do you want me to add you in?

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yes please! @amelia

Could you add me to it too? If there is still space.

I want to! chat on Twitter or Instagram?

@vtor I will have to make a new hat because there’s not enough space on the Instagram + what’s your instas?

My insta is tyrellangusss (got private account turned on)
Snapchat is tyrellwild

add my insta @reallyahmed (not sure if im already there tho)


add my insta @beccamarch_ (:

I would also like to be in the group. My insta is @JakeupV2

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We have a group in IG! Let me know if you want to be added :blush:

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i’d like that !! @skan_da_lous

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DM me on IG :smiley:

hey could you add me as well? :blush: my insta is @evabazhenovna

sure! :))

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Hey, can you add me too? @amelia

Me please at Instagram @choicefy

Me please at Instagram @choicefy :pray:t2: