Group chats on v2?

Group chats would be an interesting feature. Don’t you think?
Being able to share [enter new “vines” name here] with a group of people would be a neccessity in the future.


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A necessity? Not really but it would be nice to have such feature


These threads talk about dms and group chats if you want to check it


Group chats is a great idea, with this I think we should able to rename the group chat.

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Yeah group chats are especially good for collaborations & group members for editors (such as myself)

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I would love group chats. You could really do something there. Friend groups could share loved v2’s and artists could easily make chats to collaborate with people.

True it would be nice

Yeah I agree ! It was kinda frustrating when vine didn’t have that feature

A lot of creators today like to interact with their followers. A group chat much like that of discord’s works would be nice for some users. A lot of the time, people resort to using other apps to communicate in groups for social media such as twitter, discord, skype etc. But having a built in group chat functionality to this type of platform would really help it identify itself as the “community establishing” app its trying to be.