Group chat for creators serious about the platform!

Hi guys! My name’s Kassidy and my user on byte is @lifeofkassidy :slight_smile:

I have been in a few group chats so far and sadly realized that most of them contain people that are just asking for rebytes, likes, and follows. I was really looking forward to getting to know other creators on byte that have a serious passion for making content and having a good time! I know there has to be others out there that feel the same!

If you’d like to join a group chat centered around this idea please drop your instagram and byte users below! Or feel free to dm me on instagram! My ig is @lifeofkassidy as well just like my byte :slight_smile:

So excited to get to know y’all and hope you’re having a great start to your February!!


You can find me on insta here - joshclinton86

I love this platform and I want to help you guys any way I can!


Not gonna lie… kinda pimped myself out (followers) the first week trying to get noticed on byte(not successful) lol. Between the bots, updates, and the realllly popular users, getting noticed is/was a struggle!
But it’s mellowing out now and I’m really looking to up my game and start doing something different (finding creators, collab, talk new ideas, etc etc) both my Byte and IG are @toughany.


would love this.

my byte is becca

ig is beccamarch__


@marcusbourlard !!!
(Byte / IG / Linkedin)

110,000 loops



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I have lately been looking for people to collab with so I don’t mind my ig is blvckaladdinttv

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My username is Shaved_potato on Byte :smiley:

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Let’s chat my byte account is @twillio

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My ig is @teammikuu and Byte is Shanks

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I’m totally down to work with other creators and not just do rebyte for rebyte kinda stuff.

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That sounds great. It would be great getting to know ppl on Byte. I am interested in how you guys come up with your content.

@lifeofkiwii on insta and byte :heart:


I’m @Vandie on byte and @GMVandie on Instagram respectively. Honestly the group chat on discord is quite nice and I fully agree. Love the platform even if I’m not some editing wiazard like some users I see :sweat_smile:

My byte is @Justalilbit follow I’m down for any communities

If you happen to find one and have time please let me know!:pray:

My Twitter is

And my Byte is @iamrobbsmith