Group chat for Byte

Is there a group chat like discord, GroupMe, Snapchat or anything for the app? If so, can someone send me a link? I’d love to make connections so we can hopefully make content together when the app is released.


Their is a discord chat!


(I can’t resist a good grammar correction. I’m sorry.)

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There were a couple of Instagram/Kik group made and tbh they all went down the drain in terms of activity, so use the discord for now…that’s active af

What’s the code for discord

@money There are two ways you can join the discord server:

  1. Click this link below to join.


  1. Open discord --> Click the + button in the server section --> Click join a server --> Then paste this “pz26B2G” and click join.

Thanks @Rafiki

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Your welcome

We have talked about this before…I will bite your hands off.:neutral_face:

Ahmed, can I plz dm the discord