Granting Admin Access to v2 Accounts

Hi Dom. My suggestion is to have the ability for multiple log ins for one account. So one main log in that controls everything and will always be admin. The main owner of the account would then be able to give things like an agent or manager access to post things or manage things on the account without the ability to change main password or email associated with the account. This would prevent a business partner dispute turning into an account being hacked/ stolen from the creator. Make sense?


Check here :slight_smile:


Check this out, I think this would be helpful

Ya that is not what I’m suggesting. That is in reference to multiple accounts on one device. What I’m saying is having multiple log ins for one account. So the main owner could give a manager or agent access to his/ her account to do things like post content without giving away main account password and risk having the accounts stolen because of a future dispute or someone trying to be unscrupulous.

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I think we’re talking about being able to log into 1 account from multiple devices versus having multiple accounts on 1 device.

I know there are some softwares and programs that will kick a user out so that there is only 1 login.

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I see- that’s probably up in the air because I know the old guidelines for vine were iffy with sharing account details with other people.

Yes but without sharing log in info. O I could designate someone as a manager for my account to where they could post things but not make admin changes like password or email/ phone number associated with account.

Ya that’s why if you set up being able to designate a manager or agent, you wouldn’t share main account log in details. They would have their own. They would just have temporary access that the owner could turn on or off through their main account panel.

Ya this sounds like a very different question. And for the most part I think that comes down to the owner of the account more than anything. I doubt there would be specific features that make this a possible it’s more likely that your best bet would be to share info if you want multiple people to use an account. Having the ability to post from another device but not change something is almost useless because the whole point is posting anyway… That is just my opinion though :man_shrugging:

Totally. So basically granting access to admins & etc like you can for say a Facebook page?


Yes exactly. ^^

I’m going to change the title of the thread to reflect that so this doesn’t get confused with the other thread.

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So kind of like tweet deck?

Thanks. Much better.

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I think that’s a really great idea, and could make management of content a lot easier.

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Yes because many creators and influencers / artists have people that help them manage the accounts and posting content.
However stuff happens in business and issues/ greed arise. This helps protect the original creator from potentially losing his account to someone who decides to go rogue.


Yeah exactly. I think honestly if that want to difficult of a feature to implement, it would work perfectly as a safety net.

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You thought about the possibility to nominate someone as Editor of your profile ? Basically, right? i totally agree

And it could be better to give the possibility to plan the posts, and also to modify the copy before / after

Facebook has something like this for Pages and Groups, but that’s it. The way you get around it is to use another app to manage those social media accounts, like Hootsuite, which lets you set up accounts separate from the main social media account.

I can’t see this being built right into the V2 app, but perhaps @dom can make it easy for V2 to be incorporated into apps like Hootsuite.