Grammy Awards This Sunday!

Hey Everyone. The Grammy’s are this Sunday! Who’s watching?

Let’s take this thread and comment (obviously only positive comments) about which Social Media star will be there, who had great performances, who won, etc etc.

I’m just going to put this out there…Record of the Year, I hope, is Kendrick Lamar’s Humble.

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Album of the year":…Lorde


I think it’s interesting that you mention that, because I feel that Bruno Mars’ popularity this year was so big, that it could draw the Grammy voters in his favor for that category. This is a heavy hitting year in general: Jay Z, Kendrick, Lorde, Bruno, and Childish Gambino. These are good musicians for once all competing. I feel like its a weird toss up.

Give Donald Glover all the Grammys.

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Jay Z was nominated
1 - Money
2 - Critics loved his album

I don’t think Jay Z should win. I loved Bruno’s but Lorde, hers was from another world. Her Album is the type that I would listen if I ever get drunk or high.


His stuff is wonderful. absolutely wonderful. Is he big enough though to get the Grammy People’s votes. That’s the true question. Maybe he’ll pull through!

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