Got to get of your comfort zone

Expand out of your comfort zone such as sky diving. You want to have more life expereinces than just going out to eat and drink.


Lol I feel you but even I have somewhat become uncomfortable with giving skydiving a try. Maybe just doing something different every time you step out the crib is in order lol, like sky trails or trampoline parks.


I am not a risk taker or a thrill seeker. Something like skydiving for me is completely unappealing. I put myself out of my comfort zone in other ways though! Try “strange” foods, for example… so many great things out there you wouldn’t think of by reading the recipe.


What other ideas you got since I’ve done it 3 times :sweat_smile:


Some time ago I realized I was always gonna be jealous of all those youtubers with funny storytime videos, because honestly, how will anything interesting ever happen to me if I only did things I’ll be comfortable with? I decided to start saying yes to anything that didn’t risk my health or put me in dangerous situations, instead of not wanting to risk getting bored or feeling awkward.

I’ve done so much more since then. Seriously, one of the best things you can do in life is decide to risk a little bit of comfort


Fun :sneezing_face: wanna go skydiving but indoors

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This is especially hard to do during quarantine.

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this path isn’t for everyone, but life is short

life or death is better way to experience it in my opinon. Makes for a better story when eating with friends or family


there will be oppurutines for it nonetheless