Got on the popular page & made great friends 😁

thank you so much Byters :heart: i’m loving the community so much it’s kinda addicting :joy: i just got on the popular 1 & 2 pages AND got support from one of my fav byters (@justmessiah) :exploding_head::white_check_mark: AND dropped my first collab with @NyleShark Today is a crazy day I wanna celebrate :partying_face: – (( I’m @bevs ))


Congratulations bevs. I’m very proud of you. Continue doing what you love to do. Just make certain to take a break every once and a while to stretch. No overnight scrolling of Byte.

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Well done!

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Congrats :fire: if any of you are down to check out my page it’s @Koolkurtis.


thank you :slight_smile: and yeah yesterday was my break day from grinding hard :sob: