Got finale

In my opinion could’ve been better. Your thoughts ?


Well to be fair am asking for different ways the series could’ve ended :joy:

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No shade or anything. lol It was either me or the “forum police”.
People get mad at duplicate threads…yada yada yada


I read the first book and predicted the ending so im proud

Of all people to end up on the throne :angry:

People overlook that memory is key to running a better kingdom over the fact that the boi can’t walk and never wanted the throne nor earned it
(still kinda sucked, tho)

Him not being able to walk had nothing to do with it, he barely did anything in the later seasons.

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Fair. To be honest, I always wanted the Starks to win and they kinda did

Yeah I would’ve preferred Jon on the throne or even Dany as a mad queen

Jon all the way, in honor of Robert Stark