Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa?

Which one do you guys think are better?

neither as they both are creepy, constantly recording us and sending it to the cia/gov and ruining humanity :stuck_out_tongue:


None! They’ll spy me. However google and amazon tension right now is enormous

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Someone watches Shane a little too much…

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no lmao i knew before that.

Neither of them. Also no Siri. :upside_down_face:

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Regardless of how you feel about it, 10 years from now that will be the new norm.

What about google search engine, ig, snap? They do the same exaxt thing.

Honestly between Siri and alexa I prefer alexa. It’s better for timers to be honest. There is no 100% privacy on the internet.

:frowning: Facebook also scares me

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I understand the concern and privacy because of a public social media profile because of its ease of use by stalkers and creepers. With that being said FB aint going nowhere and they own Instagram as well. Before the internet everyone’s addreess was in the white books if I’m correct. Too young to remember that

Alexa play depsacito

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Government can already hack your phone or laptop and use those microphones to spy on you. Having a Google home or Alexa just allows them to turn on Spotify in your apartment whenever they want.

My vote is for Google Home. We started with Alexa in our apartment, but the app is awful. My GF installed three Google robots to take over instead and they have been miles better. Less buggy, better app interface, and if you have a Chromecast, you can tell them to throw music or YouTube videos on your TV.

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Google Home has more deta.

Just tried to say it to it right now and it played some other song instead🤣

been wanting to get google home but only have alexa for now. So far I like it, but when I get google maybe I’ll like it more

google home has far more convinience and understanding. with Alexa, you need to say “alexa use ____ to do ____”, but google is a lot better at just knowing what you want. ive heard alexa say she doesnt understand what I want FAR MORE than google. plus, google works with more apps while alexa is kinda glued to amazon

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Going to have to buy a google home after reading this so I can compare to Alexa. Might make for a good video