Google Duo just got group video calls

hi all do any of you use Google Duo it now has 4 person group video calls and its better the facebook messenger and facetime


changed from off topic to youtube and other services :blush:

Oh nice. They are getting rid of Hangouts so they are copying features to Duo I think

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I think hangouts might stay on desktop you tube but it says duo starting of with 4 person group chat but will add more to it soon so it may end up with 32 people call same as facetime


I don’t personally use it. Barely have any apps downloaded on my phone because I waste enough time as it is. Have the FB messenger app, so I think that’s enough for me. Perhaps I’ll use it in the future to conduct interviews. We’ll see

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Google duo just gone up to 32 person video chat that be cool to test out on both android and iOS

What makes it better than FaceTime?