Google Buying Fireworks App?

Apparently google is trying to get into the app game late now. Full article here.

I feel like if Google goes this direction and buys this app, we might being saying RIP Youtube, sooner than one might think. Share your thoughts on this topic below


why would we be saying rip youtube? I think google knows that YouTube is now a main part of this world we live in, if YouTube is gone, there will be wars…


Why would it be the end of youtube lmao there’s just no reason


I think Google is aware they have a long way to go before someone actually rivals with YouTube, even YouTubers who want to switch platforms have to stay on YouTube since there’s no better option. Even people who get big on other social media sites (as we saw happen in :vine: ) switched to YouTube. They don’t need a tiktok type thing or anything they have no rivals and it will stay that way for a long long time. Unless byte blows up and goes in that direction. :eyes:


i’m sure it’s hard to compete against yt lol


I was listening to Google’s Quarterly conference meeting. During it the CEO of Google when asked by his investors how come youtube didn’t make any money the 4th quarter of 2018 didn’t really have much of a response of that. Also the current CEO of google has said he wants to make next billion user app. A lot of suggestions by google, makes me think google will move onto buying another app or something else, that will make them lots of money such as getting into the smart home market. These are just my opinions but I could be wrong

YT does have competiton from the likes of Tik Tok, and FB, both have a billion users and they’re very active on it. Google who owns YT seems to be moving into another direction