Goodbye and a thread for connecting everyone post-community forum

I joined this forum 9 months ago during the time when I have started attending university as a freshman. I have no one to talks to back then because most people in my major already knew each other. <<< international school be like

This server has given me lots of friends, amazing people and someone to talks to after the end of the day (or I should say during my classes every day). I would never forget that I have been in one of the most amazing communities we’ve ever had :heart:.

Here are some links to a new community that can connect us together
Byte community discord server (The unofficial server with most of our mods here as a staff)
[links here]

Byte Reddit server. Let me knew if anyone still uses this lol

Blurple Community made by @Niko. He’s trying to archive most of the posts here to the blurple community right now.

Feel free to drop any kinds of link or invitation that can connect us together-e.g. Discord link, Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook group (I hate Facebook :poop:).

Thank you, everyone.


On blurple already ! See you there ! :smiley: