Good camera for photography

Not in the market to spend a ton of money on a nice DSLR at the moment, but saving up to get a nice entry level DSLR. I’m pretty good at finding used cameras in the $150 - $300 range, and have considered cameras such as Canon 40d Nikon 3400 but I’m not too sure which one to get, any suggestions?


I dont know nothing about cameras but, How is the cost for a camera that take photos in 4k?

Canons are extremely popular

I have one and is very good, a little old but works

Not too sure, but 4k isn’t in my interest, HD pictures is really all I need :stuck_out_tongue:

They tend to be more expensive for something you can get with a Nikon for $100 less

Hit me in the dm on twitter and I can link you to some cheap cameras @tylerdonwinrow

I have a nikon d3300 and its pretty good, bought it used in that price range

They are too expensive? Just for curiosity

The cheapest 4k cameras are about 5-600 and can go over 1-2k

I really like that camera but I’m worried I’ll end up wanting to shoot video, unless that one does? I think they take video starting at d3400

I’ll make sure to dm you tommoroe, off to bed rn, tysm :stuck_out_tongue:

my D3300 shoots video. the D3400 does too but it doesn’t record audio

Oh damn, i didn’t think that will be so much