Good Byte...I mean...bye Forums

I was always late to the party. I never had the ability to be on V*ine, and yet a huge part of my early life was that platform. It’s the only thing I’d watch on YouTube. I regretted not being there for the moment. I’d heard of the other option yet it never felt worthy for me of replacing the energy I felt. I googled. I found an article about V2. And then it happened I found the forum after months and years of work.

May 25th, 2019
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And so it began. I immediately dove down the rabbit hole, trying to find and soak up as much information as possible. What is Byte? What make it better? Why will it succeed when it’s parent ‘died’? Can SOMEONE GET ME AN INVITE CODE???

It became a huge part of my life. I started answering questions others had because I was reading the forums so much, and I endeavored to understand it all. Ah yes. :slight_smile: I’d found my people.

And then it happened. 4 months later on September 19th, 2019:

I recieved THE email. I was in! I just about passed out when I opened it.

But now what? I’d never had social media before. Even the videos I’d watch of V*ne wrap ups and complilations were done without an account. I never dreamt in a million years I’d get into the Beta, and now I felt an immense pressure. What would I make? And would others really care, especially when I had no clue what I was doing?

I had no clue. But I decided to go ahead anyway. I posted a vid of me putting whipped cream in my coffee. [byte by @AlecD: Sometimes coffee isn't enough Part 1😀] That was my first ever video online, and it was on Byte. From that video onward for many weeks I put out random off the top of my head videos. Some of those ideas were good, others were…less than good. I started collaborating with others on Byte. My first collab went well! [byte by @AlecD: When a "scammer" is actually giving you a free car - feat. @allenzadei] I continued meeting really cool people and supporting others!

All in all, everything was going great. I wasn’t popular by any means (remembering 2000 something people where on the Beta back then), but somehow others decided to come along the bumpy ride that was me doing whatever I thought up in my random mind. Everything that is, until a family emergency took me away from Byte. I’ve not been able to post consistently since that day. I’ve also felt tremendous fear and worry that I have no plan for the future of my content. Or for that matter, if it was ‘content’ in the first place.

I still am not at the point where I used to be, even if that ‘point’ wasn’t anywhere at all. I have self-doughts I struggle with. But the Byte community has always been there for me. Even being inactive, I’ve lurked on the app and on these forums consistently, and they’ve helped me to realize that while the internet can be a scary place, finding the people that care about you and what you’re doing can bring value to your life. So as this experiment ends, I want to thank it for kickstarting me into a new chapter of what will hopefully be a very long enjoyable book. :heart:

If you are reading this, you are one of the real ones: a part of the people that cared. I owe to you all my thanks, though I feel my words will never express how happy I am. Shoot me a DM whenever you’d like on Byte. (We’ve waited a looooooong time for that feature lol) You can find my main account by heading to @expert.amateur here or on Byte, and reading the description.

This is not the end. This is the beginning. Let your story continue :open_book: :facepunch:


This was beautiful to read, alec. I’m genuinely glad you’ve found solace, comfort, as well as community here in the forums. You found your people. that’s a powerful statement. Thank you for expressing yourself, as it’s brought me comfort that my experience has also mirrored yours in some way, and also just - it’s a beautiful thing to express yourself lol. I hope one day, which will happen, you wake up and find yourself back on your feet, with a passion to create and the confidence to love what you make. That day will come for both of us. I appreciate you man, so don’t forget to shoot a dm sooner than later! Let’s have our stories continue. :green_heart:


Wow can’t believe it all happened on my birthday!


Do I say ‘happy’ birthday if the forums are leaving :thinking:
have some virtual cake