Good Anime Music

I like songs from anime so i made a thread about them. Please use this as a place share some.

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Quick Question: Only openings and Endings or OST too?

Any, any anime music.

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oh ok there’s a lot brb

ok i’ll put these here for now, but watch my hero academia first if you haven’t because that’s how the music is truly meant to be experienced. like asap, don’t even watch dem openings : p

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i mean i like boku no hero academia too but like…

you’ve probs heard the ops, osts are amazing and there are more, just don’t wanna flood heheheh

death note has a great one too, erased as well-- actually just let me post them

and there’s more but a bit spoilery : ppp

then there’s this anime, a beautiful one, but i haven’t heard many of the osts but the theme song is lit : p

Savior of Song ~ Nano
Reviver ~ My First Story
Sorairo Days ~ Shoko Nakagawa (pitched down a couple octaves)

I’ll just leave these here.

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Tokyo ghoul :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: More like Tokyo cool

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Uhhhh only acceptable answer right here

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bruh opening 19 is a bop too

This opening is SUCH A VIBE!

Just say the entire soundtrack is good lmao!

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Ooh thats a classic right there

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Devilman crybaby the remake of the famous devil man anime has a soundtrack that BOPS check it out