*Goes on forums after 2 weeks*

I’ve been busy with school, and I realized that I was 3 days too late for the beta signup :sweat_smile: that’s tufffffff

Even though I’m quite sad, I’m smiling as I type this, because it shows and proves that Dom and the staff were working hard on this the whole time. Remember when everyone was freaking out over the postponement? :rofl:

Also Dom, it was smart to check who’s been here before the announcement. I’m sure quite a few people signed up once the news spread lol

well anyways, whoever’s chosen make sure to let us know how the app is. Don’t just use the beta to use the app early, TEST EVERYTHING and make sure the app is the best it can be for launch!


Well don’t be too sad, that probably wont be the only beta signup.


yep hopefully, I feel more sad that I missed it, rather than not getting it

time will tell though :sweat_smile:


You should join the discord @ryze if you’re able to, and haven’t already :grin:


thank you! idk how I didn’t know about this lol


Ooof I remember when the unfortunate postponement post came up, was slightly upset at it all but booooy it’s back on rn and I’m just excited is all💙


Lol I know how you feel! I was lucky enough to break my hiatus day of the announcement. But you were really active so join the discord! Who knows, maybe youll get it soon!

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