Go fund v2 / val / reb

Hi i think ■■■■■■ or the creators should start a go fund me and or patreon so they can get the resources to make the app as fast as they can thank and you should start one ■■■■■■ makers

Hi, this exists already. Please use the magnifying glass at the right to search for topics before you post! Also please refer to the app as “V2” or"v2", not the other name.

.Funding the project


Two reasons:

The sum is very large and is inappropriate for crowdfunding. For context, the amount of money that I’ve already spent is similar to (or higher than) most of the suggested campaigns I’ve seen.

If the project were crowdfunded, every backer would be a customer, and there’s a rightful entitlement that comes along with being a customer. We wouldn’t be able to properly support that with split attention. This is a very enthusiastic community, but enthusiasm can quickly turn to vitriol when money is involved and promises aren’t kept.
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