Global Pandemic and creativity

How has the current pandemic affected your creativity/output?


in more ways than i can ever explain! but basically being stuck at home is limiting.


My output has gone up. I wouldn’t say my creativity has [sorry to those of you following me for the three times a day posting- but the lack of nature]


There’s a lot of ideas I have in my list that need me to be in a whole different location which now that everything is closed, makes difficult.

So lately it’s just become more of a “What can I do with the little resources I have” as opposed to “What can I do with the world around me?”


It’s odd, at the start i thought i’d have more time to work on bytes, but in some ways i’ve actually got less time than I had before. Working from home along with my partner and trying to home school our kids means there’s sort of less hours in the day now. But on the flip side, i’ve got a bit more freedom to nip away and film something when I get an idea or edit something together here and there.

More than anything I think i get a lot of ideas just being out in the world, overhearing conversations, mulling things over while driving to work. If anything that’s probably what i’d like to get back to most.

Yes locations/outdoor videos are always tricky. Pandemic or not.

Omg so much I’m depressed… I hate my family having prying eyes on what I’m doing! I can’t go out I can’t DO anything! It’s ruining me…:pensive:

But I’m pulling thru so far…

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God, I get how that goes. When I lived with my parents, I had to hide any type of content I created because they get on their nut about anything posted on the internet. “what will future employers think”.

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It’s given me more opportunities to make and post videos

I’m limited – hard to collab with friends :sob::sob::sob:


Cons-led to more online class assignments

Pros-shorter classes and more time to work on/ upload bytes :sunglasses::ok_hand: