Glass Movie πŸŽ₯

Have you seen the Glass movie? I thought it was freaking phenomenal and so refreshing compared to what Marvel has been putting out. What are your thoughts?


I want to see it, imma wait til it comes to netflix or hulu or something lool


i really wanna see it too, i loved split so much and its trailer looks really cool. i still need to watch unbreakable tho lol. then ill prob wait for it to come to netflix

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β€˜twas a good movie

Just rent Unbreakable on youtube. Glass is definitely worth seeing in theaters

Going to see it later tonight I’m excited !

was it actually good tho

it was by m. night shyamalan

the last airbender still scars me

So so good. The last air bender is his career low

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I need to watch it soon !!


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Nice, might do it!

haha β€œImma wait till it comes out on Netflix” is a pretty common thing for me to say these days

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