Giving back!

Hey Byte fam, it’s been a while since I posted on here. Some of you may know who I am but to others I’m probably a new name. Anyways, my name is Dannis and I’ve been a personal trainer/physical therapist for several years now. I wanted to put something together to give back to everyone who has supported me. I posted this on my Facebook and Instagram but I’m obviously not friends with everyone and I thought it would be a disservice if I didn’t post this on here since I’ve known a lot of you for a very long time and love you all!

With that being said… Fitness has changed my life in ways that words can’t describe.

I want to pay this forward and give you the gift of fitness for FREE (for 20 people only, first come first serve!)

Singh Fitness presents the:

14 Day Fat Burn Challenge :fire:

This is what’s included:

:white_check_mark: Workout program - tailored to your situation whether you’re training at the gym or at your home.

:white_check_mark: Nutritional guidance - I want to show you how you can eat the foods you want while also bringing down the scale.

:white_check_mark: Private Facebook group - filled with other challenge members so you can help motivate each other along this journey. (YOU MUST HAVE A FB ACCOUNT)

:white_check_mark: Accountability - weekly check-ins and 24-7 access to me to make sure you’re on track to losing 2-10lbs.

Once again, this is 100% FREE (there is no catch)

:raised_hand:t4: BUT I will ONLY be accepting applicants who are:

:smiling_imp: Dedicated

:smiling_imp: Motivated

:smiling_imp: Serious about change


:partying_face: Last but not least, the winner of the challenge will receive a special prize!

:lion: If you’re ready to become become a lion and crush your goals, than comment your favorite emoji below and I’ll send you the details and application!

You can also apply via this link:

I love you Byte fam forever and always and I hope to see some friendly faces in the challenge :blush:

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