Give me your silver linings

Hey, so during this pandemic where things could get much worse and all our lives have changed drastically, I want to know the silver linings for y’all. What are the bright spots in your day or life that bring you comfort or a feeling of normalcy or what do you do to relax now during all this? Has anything changed in all this that is nice? Have you noticed any surprisingly nice effects of all this? Hearing the good in our lives I feel like is so important right now and connecting with others online is even more important than ever. And I am not trying to act like what is happening is at all fine or good or worth any of these silver linings – it isn’t. But we have to maintain good things in our lives and self care or getting through this will be a lot harder. Mine include:

  1. Seeing my family dog every day now that I’m staying at home and also how his attitude and personality is still the exact same and it brings me comfort. Also he’s the only one that I can hug and kiss now.

  2. My family is a lot closer right now. I’m communicating through text and call with all my relatives and we’re making sure we’re okay and trying to help eachother. I’m living at home with my parents and sister. My grandma lives in the same town and I’m staying away from her physically, but I’m talking to her through text and call every day which is a lot more than before this.

  3. I am eating healthier actually. I used to eat out a good bit and was lazy with grocery shopping and would do multiple trips a week to eat short term (im a college student lol). But now I’m staying away from restaurants and other people I am making my own food at home almost entirely. And my family ordered a pickup order at Kroger yesterday to pick up Saturday with the basics and nothing unhealthy. We are also eating together and making meals together which is another bonding thing that we haven’t really done since I was in high school.

  4. I know that after all this is over I am going to be so so so so so much more grateful for all the things I realize I took for granted. Including hugging my grandparents, family gatherings, concerts, eating out, visiting my family, going shopping without fear, vacations to the beach, going out to buy toilet paper lol, and so many more things. This whole thing really makes you realize how lucky and privileged you are. And I still am because I’m lucky enough to be fortunate and not fear losing a job or if I’m going to be able to pay rent and utilities and I don’t have any children to take care of or pay for childcare.

  5. Wearing less makeup because I’m not going out to see anyone so my skin is looking better lol.

  6. More time to work on crafts, read books, play board games with family, etc.

  7. A few youtubers I watch are going to post more often. And I think some musicians are streaming little concerts. I heard the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta could start streaming shows sometime. And I’m sure more is to come.

  8. Seeing photos of the skies clear in China and Hong Kong because of this and how their carbon emissions went down, at least for a little bit. Maybe there will be some short-term small benefits to the environment with us staying home so much.

And probably more I’ll find. Tell me yours! :blush:


Cooking more meals, buying new scrubs and making bytes when I have time! We’re going to be okay! :blush: I’m appreciating my good health. I take my time drinking my daily cup of coffee. It’s really the smalls things, also memes.


It really is the small things, that’s great(: Yeah I’m so glad I have Byte and this community right now. Probably one of the few things that I can still do that I did before – make bytes and interact with people here.



  1. Agree with pets. I get to spend way more quality time with them.
  2. Learning to have work life balance.
  3. Working on new skills and improving current skills.
  4. Spending more time doing my hobbies.
  5. Catching up with friends who have moved (playing games with them online).

Education and science conferences are more accessible now. In the coming weeks, more universities will make educational tools more public.


It’s spring break but still working (at night thought.) Nothing exciting sadly as of now… binge-watching, reading, byte life, and studying.


I’m doing a bunch a crap that I’d never otherwise do if’n God didn’t completely wipe my calendar - today we rearranged all the furniture in the apartment so the whole place makes a lot more sense. I have a boombox/a bunch of weird cassettes that I love and I’m listening to that.


It is kind of ironic that I feel like I’m connecting more with family and friends now than I did before. But it’s nice(:


that’s cool, I have an old boombox too actually and CDs I should get out again

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