Give me explicit collab tooling or give me death!

Please spoon-feed me those sweet, sweet rewards of the tribe!

This app supports individual creativity more than (Competitor-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named). However, it would be totally, like, dope-stuff-things if we had a collaborative feature like a ‘video react’ mechanic.

Is anything like this on the road map?

It could take multiple forms, like a ‘finish this byte with your own clip’ feature, or a ‘video sequel’, or even a plain ole video reaction.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you in the comments.

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Duets in the style of tiktok are not planned, can’t say for sure about other potential collaborative tools but dom said a while ago that duets won’t be happening


I hear you. Duet chains are sometimes pretty fun, but it’s not a killer feature imo.

However, Bytes are so short that they make for compact units of content. I see no reason why having something like a byte comment (a byte that lives only in the comments of another byte) could not be done. Notwithstanding development feasibility, natch.

Is Byte hiring/taking pull requests? :smiley:

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Only jobs right now are for engineers lol

I like the kind of finish the byte idea, like one person starts a joke and it’s open for people to tell a punchline, but I think it’s important to remember they’d still likely be restrained to the 6 second limit!