Give "gold" to Creators?

I’m not entirely sure if an idea like this has been proposed yet if it has please let me know. I propose that as another way of monetization aside from advertisements and such is the ability for people to give “gold”.

Basically, if there is a 6-second clip they particularly like or a comment under a clip/somewhere, a person can donate money to that person. Let’s say a low amount so it isn’t abused, like 50 cents or a dollar.

Now, they can only give gold once every some many durations of time, that can be set according to what our glorious leader Dom makes it. People who receive gold has to have a PayPal, or something along those lines.

This is basically, similar to how Reddit has a feature of giving people money.

I thought this would change up the game with monetization, besides just relying on advertisements, because just like YouTube set the new regulations in place, there isn’t an unlimited amount of advertisements to go around.

Please feel free to leave your opinions and your suggestions on how to improve a feature like this.


That’s a cool feature, possibly have the users earn the gold by completing achievements or watching ads.


I like that, they could be rewarded with gold for content that’s really impacted the community or something like that


Nice one. Nobody thought of it before.


Yes awesome idea

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There’s a similar system going on in the app “Sola”, would be cool to see something like that system in V2. Then again, this is something a few dudes are working on instead of a business (as far as I know). So it’d probably be a long time before considering to put something like that in.


I like this as well. Twitch currently has a beta feature in the US where you are able to watch ads for ‘bits’ (Twitch currency). Something similar to that would be interesting.

On another note, the idea of an in-app currency has been brought up multiple time. I don’t really support the idea a ton, as it could’ve very easily abused if someone were to create multiple accounts. While security measures are improving every day thanks to modern technology, botting and things similar improve as well.

If this system were to be implemented, we would need to make sure the protocols and security systems are updated constantly to ensure we don’t have fraud.

Over all, I see where the idea comes from, and how it could fit in, but I still don’t see any form of in app currency as safe, nor efficient for the app.

I’d love to hear more about this subject.


I think this could be a pretty good idea except for it’s starting to sound like a thing that more popular internet stars could profit off of


This sounds like a good idea! The low amount and it having a limit is definitely important to it not being abused. It sounds like a good way to not rely entirely on adverts and, like you said, have problems like YouTube is having right now. As long as it’s limited and low, it sounds great!


Yass pls incorporate this into the app xD

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I really like the idea, but there should be a cap of how much you can give at once. Maybe like a couple dollars. I personally think that Twitch is outrageous with their donations. And what if the creator doesn’t have a PayPal connected to the app yet? Will that money still be able to be collected if you connect the PayPal later, or will the money disappear, or will the giving user not be charged?


Let’s call it VCash or V2Gold

Another really good point. Maybe there should be a rule that you can’t accept gold if you get sponsored like a lot of the big viners did. After an attempt to give gold a message will pop up: “This sponsored creator can no longer accept gold.”


I like it. Can it be that users don’t have to pay to get it and like you said can earn gold?

Is this available for everyone?



I like that idea. Good thinking.

Good creators will become “social famous” so I think we should not pay or give any kind of things…likes and dislikess

It’s available to people in the U.S. right now, but not everyone gets it, and it’s very limited. It’s been around for a while, and I’ve only had the chance to do it a couple of times. Very interesting though.