Gifs an v*** reactions

What if instead of commenting just words you could comment gifs like twitter or record your reaction to the vine you just saw an that will be placed as a comment under that viners vine


That is not possible because vines will be of 6-7 Seconds and app allows 6 to 7 second videos So there is no way we can do a reaction and 2ndly GIF are not always the best but as you know Gif can be uploaded like a video too so feel free to put GIF at vine with no sound.

Example :P.

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Like a short reaction 6-10 seconds not like a full reaction like the channels on youtube an gifs not exactly like twitter but ones that you have already saved in your camera roll its hard to explain lol hopefully dom knows :joy:

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I enjoyed reading my hate comments lol :joy:

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yessssssss :joy::joy::joy::joy::fire:

Won’t work… comment section would have to be too long and gift could be longer than the vine :v

Personally, I prefer comments. I think it’ll keep the flow of everything more consistent

The comment section should have no limit everyone should have an input on the vine weather its love or hate its feedback :man_shrugging:t5::joy::100: but true i just said this because it would expand it more an allow your fans to interact in variety of ways not just words

Well take a look :stuck_out_tongue: I can explain your topic like this… This guy reacts the same as u wanted to have.

Wtf :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hahhaha yeaah!

I think this concept would be better if there was a separate section for reactions. Keep the comments sections how they are but have a separate button that says “view reactions” or something.

When you click that you would see a continuous loop of other people’s reactions that can only be recorded live from the phone. I wouldn’t recommend having an option to upload from the camera roll.

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I love this idea, I just got to the party :tada: and looked up before I made this topic… We just recently switched to MS Teams @ work instead of Skype and I love Gif’s being baked in.

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