GIF friendly app

With the increasing use of GIFs as replies and such all across the Internet, I thought it’d be nice if it could be implemented into the v2 app. You should be able to comment with a GIF and if you wanted to, set your profile picture as a GIF.

This is a very small suggestion, I’m pretty sure we’ve all ran out of ideas.

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Musically has done this too.

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It is not necessary but the idea is not bad

The GIF profile picture idea sounds interesting :thinking:


I like the idea of having ur profile pic as a GIF! That could be a cool feature


the gif profile picture idea is cool, but using gifs as replies is obnoxious and unnecessary


Depending on the topic of discussion. There are loads of times it makes things funnier.

I don’t really have a preference, but it’s not a bad idea.

Pretty good idea

What about enabling the possiblity to set a “profile loop” and have “loop reactions”

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Dom has actually posted some clips previously with the use of gifs. Check out his twitter

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