Getting to know everyone

Comment your age, name, height, your ig (idk I’m really bored)
I’m 15, gabby, 5’7, @gabbieclaire

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Age: 16
Name: Thomas
Height: Between 5’11 and 6’0
:instagram: @thomybalca

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Sace, 20, 5’11, IG/Twitter: @Chaunsace

Hey sorry for the intrusion, but linking this thread to help lower duplicate topics

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One question, How tall are you in meters? 6ft are 1.80 or 1.82?

Honestly I have no idea what my height is in meters I only know feet and inches

In inches? Maybe it is more precise

71 inches

Yep, 1.80

Age: 15
Height: 6’3
Skin color: Caramel kinda macchiato
Social security number:

Address, credit card number


I’m 19, Sofía, 5’3 :woman_facepalming:t2::broken_heart:, and my Instagram and twitter both are @sofialopezos



Name: Kendall
Age: 18
Doesn’t really have a personal Instagram

Name: Tanzania
Height: 5’7"
:instagram: @_ _ taz. _ _

Name : Crystal
Age : 23 :ok_woman:t4:
Height : 5’5"
ig : @okbrambi
but all of my content is on
ig : @timothypumarejo

I do funny sketches with my bf! check us out!

:rofl: That was funny!

I’m 20, 6’3", and @Cableson

20, Pontus, 6’0 ? (1,83 cm) :instagram: @ bypontus

Hey :sunglasses: !

My age: 15
My name: Zaid "ZaID"
My height: 6’0
My Instagram: