Getting to Choose Your Thumbnail?

Not sure if a topic was made on this already, but it would be cool if we could choose a cover/thumbnail for our videos prior to posting them.

While having the first split second is nice to have as your cover/thumbnail for your byte, sometimes, it can be awkward as you get not so good looking covers in grid view similar to this:
image image image

It’s just a thought :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m well aware that there are people who add in their own little thumbnail at the very beginning such as @Furkanaibani , but time is precious in my videos and sometimes it’s really hard for me to even make the cut :joy:


Hi jelly, 0.10 sec doesn’t make any difference if you add a picture of your video and add some title and overlay it with another picture as a thumbnail believe me it makes your feed looks good

No thumbnails, but I know previews are coming :slightly_smiling_face: