Getting it over

So do you guys know how to get over insecurities ?


Still getting over some of my more pressing ones, but I’ve dealt with a few…

The key? Understanding the insecurity in the first place, then working up to a point where you accept the insecurity as a part of who you are.

I’m more in the insecurity resolution rather than macro-advice; what insecurities do you want to handle (if you are comfortable with talking about them)?


Depends on what you’re insecure about. I had a problem with being told “No”. More specifically, asking someone something, being told no, and the feeling of embarrassment that would wash over me. So I asked some people who I believe to be more intelligent than I for advice.

The solution that worked? I started asking everyone things that they almost “had” to say no to. Example: Walked into a Burger King, placed my order, then said, and I want a free order of fries. When asked why, I said, just because I feel like I deserve a free order of fries. She laughed, said no, and I shrugged and said “Oh well, next time”.

The point of the story is, there are things that we believe will “kill” us, or cause us discomfort, or whatever, when in actuality, they only “harm” us when we allow them to harm us. I didn’t ask for help or assistance because I believed they would say no, and everyone would stare at me as I got rejected, or they would judge me for not knowing an answer or how to complete a project. I wanted everyone to think I had it under control as my world fell apart.

With the exercise above, I learned that no matter how many times I was told no, I didn’t die.

Kane out.


express ur insecurities out loud to the point it dont matter

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