Getting ideas

This may have been discussed I’m sorry if it has ive been looking for topics like this but I guess im not looking well enough… anyway… I have a weird way of making ideas… either it just comes to me and I write it down into my notes, or I was classic <!nes and base an idea from there… I try to change it up a bit and make it little more natural but I also feel like im copying…
sorry I wasn’t sure what to catigorize this as hahaha.
Let me know how you get ideas!!!

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I changed it to Off Topic. (:thinking:or it could be general discussion)

Anywho, a simple way I come up with ideas is I think about “left turns”.
Like if someone is saying something or doing something…
what could unexpectedly happen or be said next.

Kind of like visual jokes. Setup-Punch.


My life is kinda like a comedy/depression movie lol… so random things that happen I tend to write down, then expand on them when I get the time to think about the ideas… I haven’t filmed anything yet because I want to wait a till byte comes out to make an awkward first post and go from there…
I also have a few more questions anyone is willing to help… mainly about posting, promoting, gaining, and theme…


The best ideas come from life experiences. :+1:
I haven’t filmed anything yet either but I write down ideas everyday.

I’m still learning myself @D_Haines99. I don’t know everything.
But I’m sure you can figure that stuff out through trial-and-error.