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Hello, I’m sure you know me I’m Thomy an active user for quite some time (41 days), but I’ve always had this question ,How can we earn the level “Expert”? Yes I know, you have to be active and help in the forum.

In the forum there are quite active people who help a lot and are not “Experts”, for example: @Marko , @lumiere , @takeshisaan or @azadei

There have also been very active and useful people who were never recognized and eventually left, for example: @ItsMeJoseGChacin, @AIexander or @Sofialopezos

I believe that those who give this reward are quite asleep, If this being “Expert” Users would occur more often this forum would be more alive, there are people who have tired of trying to be and be ignored, I believe that there are many They deserve this recognition for their effort and spend their time on us.

What do you think? Should they give this recognition or not?

It should be noted that there are only 16 expert users of 10,742, the last user who has won this recognition was 16 days ago and the following ones more than 1 month ago or 2.

I do not want to be hated by the “Experts” I know they have been the most useful of these times but I think they should be able to give the opportunity to others

Hopefully @Dom can help us understand how you can become “Expert” or one of its moderators @MattFogarty or @ankur

Are you with me?


There are also people who have read a lot and are super informed, for example: @TheKingHusker , @Tsouth21, @ryanreid, @lex or @Xtian

People who answer always have tried help, for example: @amelia, @annsquake or @Reallyahmed

Sorry , I can not name more than 10 users in a message or post


I aspire to be on these lists.


But yes, I feel as though the Expert Badge (or a variation of it) should be given to certain prominent users as well.


Surely you will get it, In what list? Mine or the expert users?

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Your list haha


We think the same thing :wink:


Hahaha If you are active sooner or later you will get it, just as my list does not represent greatness, it is just to show that the most active or informed in the forum are not recognized at all

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That’s true, I guess school takes a toll on my free time :sweat_smile:


Dropping some two cents. I don’t really care nor strives for an Expert tag, especially now. It’s a tag that’s cool to have, I suppose, but it shows your dedication towards the forum and making eloquent and informative posts. Also shows how involved you are in the community. I’m also not going to m say I didn’t want the tag in the beginning because I’d be lying. But as long as people are being helped, I don’t really don’t mind nor care for it. I can see how more “Experts” would be needed if the forums were as active as when it started. But, as of right now, the amount of Experts are good and correlate well with the amount of traffic and posts this website is currently gaining. Expert tag or not, people should help people cause it’s the right thing to do. I’ll help a new person just as well as people have done.

Plus, I stopped coming on here as much as I did because it’s gotten real dull to be truthful. The people are amazing and kind but repetitive topics and answers bore me. And little to no new updates doesn’t help either. But that’s going off on a tangent. When the app comes out, I’ll be active cause there’s new stuff to talk about. Heck, even before the app comes out, there will be so much hype around it, it’ll be crazy. Okay thanks for reading :wink:


Yeah, imagine if every active user was an “Expert” :rofl:


Thanks to you for reading, is that the forum is dying sooner or later until the experts will go, I just thought it is a bit unfair that the most active users are not the experts (they have even exceeded them in activity)


I do not speak for everyone, I speak for those who really deserve it, They are people who really spend their time around

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It’s allngood homie

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I know bro, Thank you for being part of the forum


I dont think being “more active” that the experts means you should be expert. Those people have been picked by the staff here to be experts.

Also, i dont think that giving people expert would make the forums more alive. Maybe people will just start helping just to get expert. There aren’t meant to be too many experts.


I tell you the function of the expert, is the user who tries to maintain order, helps others and also moderates. With the growth of users of the forum every day means that when they have new information the forum will be full of new posts, being only 16 of more than 10,000 is somewhat uneven, do not you think? You think that only 16 people will be able to control the massive wave of 10k, and that with each new information hundreds of new users arrive.

Mathematical calculation: Each expert has to control more than 625 users.

I remember you, you’re the one that you think I do post to get like you instead of entertaining or posing things, you’re always against me, I do not know if I’ve done something or have something against me
You have not answered that post


I think that if the “expert” badge is handed out too frequently, it will be taken for granted or abused. For instance, this, [ ], I believe could help explain what the badge is meant to do. hope i helped


I had read it before but there is something that does not finish closing me, Why they take so long to give an “Expert User”? This is not a moderator


I honestly have no clue how the badges work lol :joy::joy::joy: