Get in early on Yuser!

Hi everyone!

Things are going pretty well with development, and our team is working hard to get those features that you’ll really want on the app (video and push notifications will be on there way soon). We are still looking for more users for the app (alpha testing and beyond). If you’re looking to be an early adopter of a fun and refreshing social app sign up at

I’ll be sure to send you the invite right away (assuming I’m on the computer).

Connect directly to the team on Telegram and follow us on Twitter

I look forward to hearing from you!


Mike Simpson
Director of Community Operations


Guys, as a beta tester, I recommend you to give it a go. It is better than Instagram by a mile so I suggest you should sign up. You get rewarded for posting and it’s so much fun (also add me, Im @annam :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thanks Annam :slight_smile:


Same guys Yuser has been such a fun experience so far. It’s only been getting better as development continues! :smile:


Thanks Yoshr! Your positivity is amazing as usual :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks! You’re too kind. :blush:

I’m Josh Southall, and I approve this message.

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I’m still waiting for my invite but from what i heard its really good.

Thanks a mill :slight_smile:

What’s your email/device? I might have sent it out already, if not I’ll get you!

@Mike_Simpson I signed up for it and I’m not sure what to do next
BTW I can’t wait to try the app because and hopefully, this app becomes the next Instagram or Snapchat I can’t wait to try yuser app

My email was and my device was a iOS

Signed up for it. Looks awesome tbh!

Awesome! and lets hope :slight_smile: What’s your email so I can make sure I send you an invite?

Great to hear! What’s your email so I can make sure I send you an invite?

My mail is :grin:

I’ll invite you in a bit :slight_smile: thanks

I got the invite and I’m loving it so far. Thanks

Great to hear! and my device is iOS