Gesture controls?

Things like swipe up on a vine to view the artist’s page, maybe double tap to like (that’s not copyrighted, is it?? :instagram: :instagram: ), tap in the middle of the screen to mute/enable closed captioning, etc. Maybe draw a circle on the screen like :repeat: and it makes the video auto-repeat or not.

Expanding on the mute/closed captioning thing: there should be an option in settings to auto-enable at least the CCs; but if being given a gesture control, it should be a relatively quick action with a fast response time, 'cause, y’know, these things are only six seconds.
The time that it takes to do a gesturing action should be kept in mind when deciding which feature it should control.

Maybe in settings there could be a custom gesture control page where it lists things like “mute”, “view artist page”, etc. and you could set your own gestures for it.

Add on more ideas below !!


I’m not sure, that’s a good question

I think it would be confusing for some, but it may be a good idea

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The mute button could be useful. Idk though about having to draw for the share button

I believe gestures would be a great idea! They would just have to be mindful of the iPhone X’s gestures that already exist.

I believe it should be kept simple and most importantly intuitive.

There shouldn’t be a double tap function because then we get people trying to get watchers to tap twice (and unintentionally liking) to do things such as stopping someone’s mouth on the right place. (Check this link: )

There’s no need for an option to make the video auto-repeat or not, if you no longer want to watch a vine you can always scroll down or single tap to pause it.

There’s no need for a function to go to someone’s profile by swiping when you can just tap the username.

I think is would be a good idea, but not for all, I think we should keep the scrolling, but and new ones like, swipe to the left, and right, insted of tapping the icons on the bottom of the screen