So I saw some people discussing this but I can’t seem to remember where so I thought why not make a topic. So people had the idea to make geofilter that helped you to connect with local artists to make vines with. We said not precise locations bc we don’t want any stalkers or creeps finding where we live and where we are so we said it could zoom in on your town or city/ show people the nearest place to you. This way artists in close proximity can find you and make the same sort of vines as collabs together. Please leave your ideas/suggestions/opinions/the thread that I can’t find below

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I love that

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I like the idea. here are the other posts for more answers.


Thank you! I was looking for these under geofilters bc I couldn’t remember the name lmao

thats great idea it would help in lts of collaberations

They are a lost of post like this, check it out!

Also like having the option of tagging a place like a Restaurant or a Museum (even concerts or events) so the people can get to know something about it and get interested and visit it

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thanks for share :call_me_hand:

I like the idea!!!

That’s be a good thing. I’d quite like that. Like on ig where you can tag a place you’ve been