Genuine Question: Do we really need follower counts?

I’ve talked about in bytes how byte felt tumblr-like in the sense that by not knowing/being able to see follower counts, there’s a lesser likelihood (hopefully) of feeling inferior or superior than others.

With the influx of new users from TT, I’ve seen some comments about wanting follower counts to be displayed. But I can’t help but wonder if that’ll change the dynamic of how we interact with each other if that were to happen?


I vote no, perosnally


I think many see follower counts as trust meters. It’s literally how the current generation determines if they can trust you. It’s actually pretty screwed up but it’s the reality of it.

I have always kept a count out of appreciation. I would like an option toggle to show it or not.


Follower counts just makes it easier to turn the whole thing into a popularity contest

If that’s what made the TikTokTeens feel validated then i understand why they miss it so much


No. I already see some people feeling the need to document their own stars or follower counts in their bio and I don’t see the need other than to fuel their own egos. You can tell when someone has a substantial amount of followers based on their average likes. It’ll just turn into a popularity contest like it did on Vine and like it does on other apps. I like that Byte is different and has integrity. That it actively promotes content over numbers. I think more platforms should do it.


Ah that’s an interesting way to think of it! I’ve always looked at content and the vibe someone gives off to measure that though I am biased towards not minding that there isn’t a follower count displayed.

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I dont get why a follower count is necessary. But if thats what makes people want to use the app, then I guess it cant hurt. It would be nice if there was an option do decide whether or not you want to make your followers public.


I’m just going to quote what @yamum said on this topic because I felt she put it well:

I think the toggling option, leaving it up the user is best ( :


This is valid, I guess when it comes to sharing content online everyone is used to seeing the stats of how they’re doing. It might be a matter of acclimating to byte and its format!

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I would say no. there are a lot of features that they have recommended that many of us have wanted to see as well, but they cannot just come here and completely dictate everything.

I think we got to be careful of establishing a sense of superiority, some of these new people that are coming here will grow very big and have contributed very little to our community up to that point. And I’m worried that they will use those numbers to subsequently inflate their own sense of importance.

I think maybe one day we can add it, but definitely not during a massive influx like this. Some of these people have quite an ego trip going on and those are the ones who benefit most from those numbers being seen, and I just don’t know if it’s worth it at the time being.


Very true, I think in due time some modified/new features would be nice to roll out but having a bunch of new updates in one go can be quite overwhelming.

And maybe this is just me, but prior to the influx I’ve felt that interactions on byte felt genuine and there’s a willingness to get to know one another and really build the community — so the fact of whether someone is a “big” creator or part of the partner program doesn’t really matter or get in the way of growing the community.


I would say yes!

Beta to release to now, honestly you care less and less. Im sure if these newbies stay theyll stop caring about follower count too. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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frankly the number of likes people get already creates enough “hierarchy” without follower counts being seen


From a business perspective, I can see why it matters, for self esteem, mental health, we don’t need them.


Some people say Yes, some people say No. Personally, I really like not knowing or showing. So my vote would be to make it optional, like on YouTube.


Yeah I saw make it optional. I like seeing the number.

I agree with you. I honestly think that it’s best for the user to decide whether or not they want to show follower count.

I really like what yamum said, it’s harder for companies to reach out to you if they don’t know if you have a large following.

We want to draw as many opportunities as we possibly can to this app if we want this app to be successful :pray:.


I’ve seen some new people actually like that feature a lot

I would rather not. As a small creator myself, I feel like it would just make me feel even smaller among the people with towering amounts of followers. The only thing that would matter then is not creativity, but popularity and some of us are just not cool enough to compete :pensive:

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