Gentlemen, we have a problem!?


I was looking at bytes rating on google play and all of a sudden, its rating ain’t doing so good.

I cannot stress this enough but, byte needs to step up its game with pleasing android users as they have a bigger OS share than iOS, I understand that there aren’t enough people on the byte team that would specialize in that area.

Our best hope are:

1: go to google play, and leave a positive and lengthy review of how good byte is (a lot of people would knew that but do it anyway)

2: Encourage more android users to be beta testers so that it’ll be easier for the team to spot out bugs or errors for it to be corrected.

3: Keep up with the byte spirit that we already have, I know it’s stressful but if we all chip in, we can all strive for greatness and find our own destiny :star_struck:


Yikes it was 3.5 just a day or so ago. That sucks. Make sure to review it!!!


I am a iPhone user, but is there a way that i can leave a review ?

If you have a Google account, try using software like Bluestacks or I think you can use on any device.


I took a peak, but most reviews are mentioning bugs with the Android version. I’m an iOS user so I can’t comment, but tread lightly here. I’m not sure how Google would treat an influx of reviews from users who’s never used the app according to their data. I know nothing about Android, but I’m sure Google would assume it’s bots making reviews. In my opinion, don’t risk your Google accounts and byte’s place in the Play Store.

Edit: this comment is more for ios users who want to help. android users who’ve been using the app for awhile, definitely leave a review if you’d like!


Ngl, the recent Android updates haven’t been that stable. The reviews are simply a reflection of that.

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Tiktok must’ve paid these brainwashed sheeps into doing something.

so that means you give it a 1 star? :umwht:

there’s ads now? :eyes:

seriously though, most of these people giving it bad ratings are doing it for the sake of it.

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The ads can’t be that bad, right? Remember the Tik Tok ads on YouTube being everywhere??

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i didnt even know byte had ad promotion now. so good on them :sunglasses:

and yep! i still see them there :tired_face: they’re everywhere. i wish i could ban them in particular

seems like these people are giving negetive reviews on purpose. must be an act from competitors lol


Rating in the play store down to 2.8 stars :grimacing:

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Poor Mr(s). Android developer.

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woah what the heck… that’s incredibly bad for byte

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I think they are saying all the meme accounts on insta promoting byte

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And that’s on people saying that they can’t use the app even though it’s the most simple shit. And also I get it getting like. 3 stars on Android but tiktok adds are WAY WORSER. Ppl really be leaving rewiews to ads and not using the app😾 smh


True but with this new update it does have some annoying bugs so I hope they fix those asap.

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Yeah. Android experience overall is slower than. iOS


There are 3 categories of negative review that I’m seeing.

  1. Spam reviews to tank the rating. If it’s obviously that, report the review as spam. Just make sure you strictly report people who are very clearly spamming.

  2. Legitimate issues with the Android build. It is buggy and it gets new features way later. I’m on beta and I report bugs. We sat for a loooong time unable to use floating text due to a bug that was reported multiple times. Thank God for the tiktok wave. They brought attention to the bug and it was resolved in 48 hours.

I know the team is small, so it’s challenging to do everything. But as long as Android languishes with persistent bugs so far behind iOS while new features are releasing, people will get frustrated.

  1. Complaints that it’s trying to be Tiktok. These used to be unwarranted. But we very clearly made a shift away from Byte being unique to Byte being like Tiktok recently. So, until we’re nailing it, Tiktok kids are going to think Byte is off brand Tiktok.

Yeah its kinda true. But you know we get updates faster than Tik Tok gives them to Android users.