Generations Research!

Hey all! I need your help!

I have a research paper I need to do for my communication class on ‘generational differences in communications and how to effectively communicate across generations’. Essentially, I would love some input from people on here regarding your ways of communicating. I thought it would be relevant to come on here since we saw such an influx of the younger generations and older generations having trouble interpreting their humor/sarcasm or whatever.

Anything you want to provide of info would be awesome, including but not limited to, your generation (or which you identify with and why), your preferred way of communication (phone calls, in person, text, social media, etc), how you feel about other generations’ communication, etc? By all means, you can tell me anything else other than those questions about how you feel you communicate and any explanations as to why.

Sorry, I know not a super fun post, but it would be really helpful to have some info :upside_down_face:
I would LOVE to hear your opinions!! Thanks! :heart:

EDIT: I thought the title might be offputting, but I am happy to have gotten some responses. I appreciate it so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


“Officially”, whatever tf that is, I’m not a Millennial but I have more in common with this generation than with Gen Z’s. I’ve also seen Millennials who seem to have more in common with Gen Z’ers on here, so I’m not sure about this whole generation thing anymore. Me and @AntinnyWorld kinda created a new generation for people stuck between these two generations (born between 1996 and 2003).

If you look at every thread about generations on here, you can kinda see that it divides people because of different opinions. Millennials don’t want anything to do with people born in the 21st century and people born between 2000 and 2003 don’t want to associated with people born after 2004/2005. In the end we’re all human and generations don’t matter, it’s pretty pointless tbh.

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Gen X - Still write letters & postcards - my favorite method of communication by far.
Emails I guess for work get the job done.
Total technophobe my anxiety means I hate phone calls & feel text can be so misconstrued.
Don’t do social media apart from Vine & now byte mainly because I like my anonymity & have enough going on in my own life to worry about others.
Love What’s app.
Have millenial children who live on social media & Gen Z children just starting out both live on their phones which blows my mind, anything I don’t understand I ask them or the byte community.
Good luck with your research.


I prefer writing over typing unless I have to write a lot of pages. I’m very lucky because back in high school, the class of 2018 (my class) was the very last year that did everything on paper and the class of 2019 was the first year that literally did everything on laptops (incl. exams).

My younger brother (class of 2022) even has to do mathematics on his laptop and I as an astronomer absolutely hate this but he absolutely loves it! My future children may never use a pen in their life which is very concerning to me!


I’m a young millennial (1996), and I p strongly associate with that generation because a lot of my interests etc came from whatever my big sibling, who is five years older than me, was into.
Text is my favourite method of communication.
I feel like boomers have a really entitled way or communicating on the whole- gen x are super sarcastic, millennials tend to lean on “irony” a lot and gen z is just. Constant memeing


Quiet! You will have to make it your mission as a parent to school your youngins in the art of all things written, Calligraphy for instance is a beautiful art form that should never die out, we must keep the faith, I even have quill & ink in my yard much to the amusement of my young folk.

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I love and collect pens and I will definitely buy my future children pens as well and I hope they’ll love it as much as I do. Montblanc is by far my favorite brand.


Hi I’m a Gen Z born in 2002 (so I’m 18 years old). I prefer using social media such as insta DMs and snapchat to communicate with friends, texts and whatsapp to communicate with family and whatsapp and emails to communicate with work and school.

I never write letters and I quite honestly don’t understand how stamp work. (I’ve just not had to use them so had no need to understand how it works)

Also if you want to know communication as a whole, I rather place my order at McDonalds via the screen instead of talking to someone and I need to my parents to hype me up before talking to a doctor on the phone. I think that’s because I have generalised anxiety it can be particularly but I know quite a few people my age who feel the same.

Finally, I love calling people but hate videos calls because I don’t know what to do with my hands. But my favourite method of communicating with friends is in person and would rather text some relatives.


gen z here, 19 years old. i primarily use texting/dms to communicate, but i honestly love phone calls and facetiming with my friends. most of my friends prefer texting though, so it’s more of a special occasion to get a call. i think our generation is very diverse with how we all choose to communicate which is really interesting. some people prefer phone calls, many prefer texting, and some still even write letters (i’ve received two from my friends since quarantine started).

also, our humor (myself included) varies between more old-school and completely meta irony that only gen z would get. i grew up with the most traditional baby boomer parents but i’ve also been on social media since i was 11, so i’ve kinda seen everything by this point.

your paper sounds so interesting (i’m studying journalism/communications)!! i’d love to read the final product!

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Thanks for your answer! I did see that thread and thought it was fun of you guys to not choose either and make your own path! Honestly, generations do tend to separate people and it sucks, but it is the topic I have to research, so for now, I need to use those labels.

I mean even when people form tiktok came over and started trying to push millennials out, they accidentally targeted many gen z from here too. Which really just goes to show how blurred the supposed “divisions” are. In the end, as long as someone is nice, I totally welcome them :heart: …unless you dislike dogs! :no_good_woman: haha but that’s another topic :wink:

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I love dogs, I’ve got two dogs actually! :dog:

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I haven’t written a letter in forever! I feel like my family stopped writing letters and moved to emails and such to avoid postage stamps. What can I say? 50 cents is 50 cents :sweat_smile:

Email is essential in my work as well, so I can get that. I really hate phone calls and yes I agree text messages can definitely be misconstrued. However, I like text because it gives my brain time to think before I answer! Also, totally agree on the anonymity issue. I have an instagram, but it is my dogs (yes, I am one of those people!) and I rarely use facebook or twitter, because I know anything I put out there will be there forever and that is a little scary.

That’s awesome your kids can help you understand differences!

Thanks so much for answering!! :purple_heart:

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Then we’re cool :v: :heart: haha

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Ohh I get this. I was born 1993, but raised by my Gen X sister and I do have some of her interests and habits that have stuck with me! Also, oh my gosh sarcasm is her everything! :laughing:

Thanks for your summary of opinions on generations and your answer!!! :blue_heart:

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take improv class and do toastmasters speech

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Millennial here - from South America so I actually have some things in common with Millennials and some with Genz (a lot of “typical millennial things” got to my country/became affordable later)

I think the divide between genz and millennials is fake.

I prefer using wpp, text most of the time, but I also send a ton of audios when I feel too lazy to type.
Discord is my favorite, but of course not everyone has it (and I can’t send audios if I’m feeling lazy).
Wish Telegram became more common, since wpp isn’t as safe, but it’s useless unless people have it.
I don’t vibe with snapchat and don’t have space in my phone for instagram (rip I need a new phone but I’m broke)
Emails for “professional” stuff.

I communicate according to the person I’m communicating with.
Me talking to my friends, no filter and complete comfort: Sarcasm. Memes. Vine References. Youtube references. Queer jokes. Queer thirsting. Stan lingo. Hype about whatever I love for hours and hours.
Me talking to “normie” friends/acquaintances/strangers/family: As straight to the point as I can. Every now and then I’ll slip a joke or something and have to explain it because they don’t understand the meme/reference. Talking about stuff I like for like 5 minutes and then shut up in case I’m bothering.

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imagine how the quaranteens are gonna be like

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Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Yep, the divide is silly, but here we are. :woman_shrugging:

Ha! I really hate the sound of my voice over audio. It always sound so strange to me! I think I only used snapchat once for a younger friend I had who basically only communicated through there, but it was kinda…ehh for me.

I never know how to respond to a boss that texts me, so I agree emails for professional stuff makes the most sense, at least for now.

Yes, definitely communication will vary widely based on who we are talking to. I use very lighthearted humor with my older sisters, but can joke about very dumb things with my brothers. I rarely joke with employers or co-workers, just because people can get offended over anything and I rather not risk it.

Thanks again! I am actually working on the paper now so we will see how this goes :heart:

Hi there! :blush:

Honestly, I do know how to use stamps. One of my older sisters lived far from me when I was little and I remember mailing her some stuff. It really has been a long time since I did a personal mail out, but I do have to do them for work sometimes.

I can absolutely agree with placing an order over the screen versus with a real person. I absolutely love when a company rolls out an app and I am able to order from there instead. For me, this comes from feeling uncomfortable with people, but also because I have worked on the other side. I haven’t worked food, but retail and I hated it. Especially when someone was taking forever to make up their mind if they wanted something and not knowing or caring there were 5 other people in line quickly getting more agitated. Then, when they left, you have to deal with those people… ugh :flushed: Anyways, similar to you, but for me it comes with a mix of consideration for not wasting the other person’s time.

I find it interesting you like phone calls! I absolutely hate them. If a relative calls, I wait. If they leave a voicemail, I assume it is important and will hear it and call them back. Usually though, I just send them a text if they don’t leave a message and ask what they wanted. Video calls are worse! I usually just hold on the phone to avoid moving my hands around awkwardly. I don’t have friends, but I work and go to school full time so even when I did, I didn’t really spend much time with them. I would honestly rather just come home and hug my dogs to de-stress.

Thank you for your input! :green_heart:

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Interesting! Letters are such a strange thing to me. I remember when I did write a few as a kid, I liked putting stuff in them. Like spraying perfume or little bits of sand (if I was excited about going to the beach or something). I am not big on phone calls or facetime, but maybe it is a comfort thing? I am not super happy with my voice or my face, so I guess it also takes some confidence to do that.

You seem to have a very large range of interaction and that’s probably why you have diverse views. I think I started social media around 13 and it was a big deal at the time.

Ha! Time will tell if I feel comfortable enough to share it :see_no_evil: . It is a group project so it is coming along slowly. Thanks for your answer :orange_heart:

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