Gen z vs millennials

Y’all calm down, both of these generations have so much in common if we actually work for it we might realize stuff we all like. Don’t judge some one just because they are older then you


Let’s just band together and stop the people who are radicalizing youth to be alt-rights and terfs and stuff. Both millennials and Zoomers have been fcked by the system, let’s tear it down and make a better one


yesterday i was told i was a millennial even tho i’m 14 so someone explain :eye::lips::eye:

no❤ we hate millenials for a reason. keep your buzzfeed quizzes, avocado toast, and Harry Potter housed out of here

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There are shitty people of all ages, hating on people for their age is just dumb. Literally you could be hating on bigots, be it millennials or genz or any other. Hating on “millennials” only keeps good people apart from each other because together our two generations would be too much of a threat to the current systems :woman_shrugging:


i mean, it would be pretty funny if millennials started using fairy comments

I’ll use them against bigots and trump supporters for sure, I find them hilarious when directed at awful people who deserve a putting down

Didn’t y’all say there’s already a conservative new account? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


yeah, i’m pretty sure i saw the conservative hype house on here earlier. they’re pretty bad, and i’m worried about them bringing their audience with them. they’re a good target if you want to try using fairy comments.

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Yeah dude we’re all depressed and need therapy