Gen z’s perspective of this new tiktok flood

i haven’t really been on byte much because i was a little bit discouraged that there weren’t many of my peers on this app. i would never have realized this influx of new people was happening if it wasn’t for my phone blowing up with a ton of notifications from byte (which seems like a good thing.) i guess i understand the frustration many byters are feeling with younger people coming to this app and demanding new editing features and whatnot but i feel like it comes from a genuine place of seeing other creatives with heavily edited videos and thinking that doing that is possible within the app’s camera. not sure how this would be possible but i think there needs to be a broadcast to all these new people that they need to edit their videos on another software. does anyone wanna join me in making a byte tutorial series for tiktokers?


With the attitude and entitlement I’ve experienced with damn near ALL OF THEM, no. I want absolutely nothing to do with this wave of undisciplined kids.

I have no problem with your idea, however these kids are toxic.


While I agree, we can be pretty awful (I had to delete a comment for the first time. I didn’t even know that was an option until today)

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This isn’t the group I was expecting to come over. I welcome them with open arms but wow the channels…

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It’s not the fact that there’s an influx of TikTokers coming here. But the fact that when leaving something with hate, they bring that hate to an app towards people who use it freely. That’s very hypocritical and they’ve lost my respect.

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THE CHANNELS!! that’s what we needa be talkin bout too, the “funny” channel has taken one of the most drastic unexpected turns in modern history …idek what I’m looking at anymore :joy::joy:


TikTokers spreading hate to dominate the app. That’s what it’s full of.

what is “funny” is horribly open to interpretation

We need a Cringe category more than ever


They don’t want tutorials… Most of them are just saying gen z is here to take over and we better get out. It makes me sad since I’ve seen so many byters trying to welcome them :frowning:


lol if they don’t want to learn how to use the app they will be gone in a week and we will not miss them

Tutorials are important for the ones interested and curious and those are the ones worth keeping

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That’s what made me lose respect for them

Hey - I would definitely be down to help. Some of my best vids are heavily edited and I’ve thrown newer users off with it before. You can message me on here or on IG!

If you’re willing to post tutorials post to #byteschool.

Then you can just comment to go to that hashtag when you see a “how do I?”

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i’ve been seeing more and more tutorial posts on the app today that cover most of the things i would’ve thought to address (by users bigger than me) so i think everyone’s got it under control already


ok so i like some of the videos because 13 year old tingz. and i hate the comments. but i like a lot of the videos.

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heya, fellow Gen Z here; I like the algorithm boost because of the new byters but I don’t really think they understand the atmosphere of byte before them? it’s like completely different cultures tbh

I’d definitely like to help make byte tutorials ^^ i’ve actually already started a bit so as long as we have a consistent tag I’m sure it’d be useful

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