Gen z’s now hating on byte lol


i saw that lol people really aren’t happy with anything


F them they the ones that pretend to be Alt I bet ya


Eh, there was already mean content about byte on tiktok. That hasn’t changed.
Right when byte launched, there were multiple articles about how the first trend on it was “making fun of tiktok” and some people haven’t moved past that on either “side”.


Are they talking about the Moop situation?

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we don’t claim them btw


I bet that when TikTok get banned (if it does) they going to move to byte and say “I LoVe ByTe”


they are just afraid of losing tiktok


Aww how cute



I hate to be a devils Advocate but i get it

Devils advocate would imply you’re taking the cynical or mean point of view hypothetically. I don’t think you meant that.

Care to share more? I’m interested

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When people stare at their phone, call it content, and get validation for it by other people doing it, they don’t have to leave that bubble. They can pretend what they are doing is “content” while we are “trying too hard”.

Having personality is tough and I don’t blame them for seeking validation the one way they can.


Okay so maybe im getting the definition of devils advocate wrong lmfao

I guess i can see why people on tiktok would think that its weird that moop came on the app out of no where and byte was immediately like “omg its moop look”. I can see why people think thats weird or whatever.

I dont think that they are right to say the people and creators are dry when tiktok probably has way more then that and rednecks with no teeth lazily lipsinking songs

If you only meant moop then ya. I can see why byte tried to capitalize off it but moop as a whole confuses me. She just does tiktok dances when she’s high. A lot of people like that though.

And just to reply to your other post too without a new response, id say a lot of byte is content is dry. More content is unwatchable than it is, which is reasonable and there are supposed to be algorithms to help that. On tiktok 99% of the videos are also garbage… but the different kinds of garbage is endless. Country garbage, dance garbage, comedy garbage… so much. Their algorithm works much harder to not show you the worst garbage.

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They’re probably basic bitches with no sense of humor who like to act alt to get clout


Trust me there are a lot of THOSE girls

do you know why they call generation z? because they will destroy the planet

And red necks guys who hate gay people because of lack of education

That makes no sense but thanks❤️