Gen Z Kids feel safe here

I want to say if it wasn’t for Gen Z. This app make them feel comfortable and safe. It’s a safe place for them to get to know each another and they love it here. I honestly like the traffic. You know sometimes the rude comments are uncalled for but let be honest this is going to be great app. We have a the best platform for them to use. You just make your own content and not about likes and follow it’s a about a community and that what I think they love about Byte and not like Tiktok at all. They support one another and this is amazing. We need to give those kids a voice. We might not like it but just ignore them. I want to say thank you to byte community cuz I feel safe here too. I am 30 year old male I love it. This is my 2 cents


thank you :smile:


Okay; explain why I a gen Z kid am getting told to leave pretty much hourly.
I know the difference between a joke and not; I get some of these as well and they are funny! There’s a clear difference.
This app was a safe place.


Because its not about generations. It’s tiktok culture and they see a byter

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Exactly; so we need to stop trying to justify it as “oh we’re just quirky and you don’t Get our humor”. It’s Tiktok humor. Not gen Z.


as a gen z, we present you with this :crown: thanks for actually understqning us instead of crying about it and saying you hate us


I really want to thank the people who made this app it feels more like an escape and there is no hate except for millennials getting upset that we are here


As millennial a lot of us aren’t upset that you are here, we’ve been hoping you guys would come for months. We are upset that you are being toxic and hurting us, and then saying “it’s just a joke” when we ask you to stop hurting us. You know, like when a racist makes an anti-black joke and then say that it’s just comedy when you get rightfully offended.

Now, when I say you I don’t mean you specifically, I mean the people who are still defending this attitude. A lot of people thankfully have said that they get it and things seem to be getting better in the app. Again, we are not crying about you being here, we want to all just be able to exist peacefully on this app


That’s what I mean and I am 100% on the side of getting rid of the hate


Thank you. I’m really happy you guys don’t have to loose tiktok the way we lost vine, even if I’m sad at what’s happening with the app. i hope we can all coexist


Yeah losing vine was awful what I really don’t understand is why Gen z has to hate on you guys they also loved vine and we have a lot more in common then they think


It really isn’t genz, it’s the way tiktok was designed. It specifically put some kind of people on “the top” because its what the chinese government wanted to promote, generating divide. It didn’t do anything to foster community or stop bullying, so it created a toxic environment.

Also, by the algorithm pushing “sound copied” content more than original content, it promoted stealing peoples content and comparing people constantly. It also made it so that ANYONE could become big, and created a culture of clout chasing before anything else…

What I’m trying to say is that your generation isn’t the problem, Genz rocks. But tiktok failed you HARD.


Yeah it’s awful

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This…exactly. :pray:t3:


For the same reason that there are thousands of comments stating that “millennials should leave” & “kill all millennials” It’s a vicious circle we are getting into.

I keep seeing comments trying to excuse this toxic behaviour like “it’s a joke” or it’s “our culture” & “you don’t get our humour”

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think it’s anybody’s kind of humour to joke about death & suicide, not do I see it as funny to bully people & proclaim they should leave a space that they have been in for months.

It doesn’t matter what generation you are from or how long you’ve been here, this kind of stuff has to stop.

The generations will never fully understand each other & it’s about time we all realised that & got with being nice to each other.


i hope reusing audios gets added cuz there’s a lot of good audios now :relieved:

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Damn I really thought we were all getting along

And HIGH KEY a large amount of tiktok creators condemned that kind of harassment and intolerance. Cancel culture is huge there when it came to unfounded bigotry which is why I’m shocked tiktokers are displaying that kind of behavior here lmao like what.


totally agree with you all. I understand your points but please don’t take them seriously. I am trying to be open minded about stuff. I just want this app to make a comeback so why not embrace them and give them the opportunity to feel safe. You all can just ignore them. I don’t get offend that easily and I am do understand everything you guys are saying. I just want to give my honest opinions in the forum

thank you :pleading_face: we really feel safe here we’re sorry if we ever offended u <3

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