Gatekeeping Content and Culture Shock

Hey guys, time for another controversial thread.

This thread was inspired by this tweet:


Where we have some people that are straight hating on that last one (use sounds from other videos)

Gatekeeping Content

Let’s address this first. I get wanting to be “creativity first” and for the premise of our app to be around creative people, but I think you realise quickly that people can be creative anywhere. Even on TikTok gasp. Even whilst copying other peoples’ sounds. There’s some real f’ing elitist views and perceptions in this community (and among my friends), but what I’ve learnt and really tried to improve on (especially from a brief interaction between Dom and myself on Twitter) is that I’d better be speaking out if I think there’s improvements to be made.

Just 'cause we put more effort into what we produce or are more creative about it doesn’t mean it’s worth more or less than videos that recycle sounds. This claydohboon TikTok touches on a similar concept. Just 'cause you only use TikTok dance moves doesn’t make you any less of a dancer. Don’t you literally learn someone’s choreography during traditional classes? Why gate keep? Is their content inferior to yours? We all out here just trying to have fun.

So yeah, there’s a hard to swallow pill. That at the end of the day, we’re just looking to entertain people, and we should be encouraging all type of content creation (except straight stolen content but that’s kinda different). I personally like video communities. It promotes inclusiveness. Everyone has a place here. Just like the #altbyte gang. Just like the animators, the artists, the comedians (traditional, skits), and furries :eyes:. Unless anyone breaks ToS, everyone is welcome here (that’s what Byte’s branding is telling me, and I love that message. I strongly believe in this over creativity first - especially because of there’s something tangible. Byte is pretty much the reddit of short video apps).

Culture Shock

Until recently, Byte was in a bubble. A bubble of ultra loving and highly supportive people who had similar views. We just got flooded by probably 50k - 100k Alt TikTok Gen Zers, who have a completely different culture. Now, I’m not commenting on their behaviour nor their culture. But perhaps treat this as if you go to another country and things are weird. Go to Japan, and you’ve got women-only train carts because apparently the Japanese men can’t keep their hands to themselves. Some underdeveloped countries like Africa where repeated rape is normal. Arranged marriages in India.

What I’m saying is that you need to try not take this to heart. Understand that this is how these people have been living for the last however many years. Know that to you, these things may not be right, but to them, it is everything (do you know how hard it is to convince my parents that I’m trying to get paid to make shitty videos?). This is what they’ve built for themselves. You can hold the belief that their actions and behaviour are wrong. Of course you can. But you also need to have understanding that these people perhaps have a different sense of humour, and that it is different from yours. You can also not accept it. But at the very least, try not to take it personally. I say this for you to protect yourself. Not for you to accept their culture. Their culture doesn’t need your acceptance, just like how yours doesn’t need theirs. But maybe try learn about it? Just like how they’ve learnt to trash on avo toast, my coffee sweater, buzzfeed surveys, and the fact I’m Huffleclaw (I do none of these things btw yikes don’t flame me alt Gen Z plz). Yo your bytes are so funny :fairy::love_letter::shell: without the ny :sparkles::heart::heart_eyes_cat: not.

More people are going to come. The “straight” TikTokers. The “corporations”. The “traditional media famous people”. The “Trump supporters”. What about the South East Asians? And all of these entities are going to bring different cultures, beliefs, and most importantly (apparently), humour. It’s going to take time for us to adjust. It’s going to take time for them to adjust too. But that’s part of the growth of this platform. We will stabilise. Then we will destabilise again. And again and again. . The platform that the Byte team has given us. Where it’s what the people make it. Just like a country. Except this country is international (and recently opened our borders to India)

Bonus Content
I know some of ya’ll are mad that the Byte team are listening to what the #altbyters are saying for features. Last note is don’t forget Byte is a business. And they have to do things to survive.


Creativity First :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

TL;DR we’re not getting Vine 2, we’re getting Byte, and it’s the hottest new short video communities app on the market >:(


I’m just pro-best interest of the app so the most people can can enjoy :man_shrugging:t2: (Whatever that intel’s doing)


I’m excited for all of the updates. And I agree with everything you said.


I totally get what you mean with the gatekeeping of the app and potentially eventual gatekeeping of original audio. However I think it should be more than ok for a user to have like a lock or ban in place for their audio to not be used by anyone else without being deemed a gatekeeper. Like people imo should be allowed to not give access to their original audio purely on the basis cos they don’t wanna. That’s a valid enough reason


this is a brilliant thread and i agree completely with what you preach

art and creativity is a beautiful thing, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. a byte that you may not find entertaining or creative, i may find inventive and expressive! thats, in my opinion, one of the subliminal benefits of the different channels. they promote creativity and innovation for all different types of audiences with different interests and experiences

that is why i believe byte has a very diverse and creative future that accepts people of all cultures, backgrounds and interests!


i totally agree that there should be an option to disable making your audio reusable. :+1:


Definitely would raise this with the Byte team whilst they’re still developing this. It’s a very valid argument! Should have control over your content and the level of interaction (on TT you can disable Reacts and Duets and stuff).


Some people make video content content for their own enjoyment and don’t necessarily want to go viral. Some people are rightfully concerned over content theft. Creators should have control over their own audio, video, etc.


It’s been stated that the sounds feature can be disabled


I definitely agree on the point of content control and theft.

I think what I was trying to more talk about the “copying other peoples sounds only means that the product is gonna be shit” opinion.


I think that Dom will give people options so everyone is not locked into the same scenario regarding re-using audio or anything else. For me, I’m always tickled when someone uses my audio or does a duet using my video on TikTok, so, I’m all for open sharing. Some are not, and they should have the option to keep their content self-contained to their account if they want.


I know some of the gen z didn’t like/thought my original poetry was cringe, and I personally am ready and willing to see how they use it to roast me.


This is why I love you @Lacieyl.

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I thought you were gonna flame me too - I know you’ve been having some trouble too.

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Nah man. The last 48 hours have been a serious gut check. I’m seriously so excited for the app’s potential right now. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure. I’ve come out on the other side feeling more inspired than I’ve been in months.


All of the new artists posting in the /art category (byte team…THANK YOU for finally adding that) alone is incredible. Some are just posting random crap because there’s no moderation, but the rest are wonderful. Can’t wait to see how all of this evolves now. I finally get it.


i would agree with you about the culture shock if it was us going to tiktok, but it’s tiktok coming to us. this is basically our culture. to me it feels like when americans go to different countries and completely disrespect every aspect of their cultures.
edit: i completely understand what you mean throughout the psot, but i’ve seen so many people just blatantly disrespecting everyone who’s built up this app since it came out. some of the new people are so extremely entitled. its so frustrating. i’m part of gen z myself, but i was a beta tester. this app means so much to me, and for all these kids to just come here and just disregard everything and demand for so much change just make the app exactly like tiktok? it’s so frustrating.


THIS!!! so glad it’s not just me who feels this way.

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yess :point_up:t4:

You miss the concern some had. For months this was a dead app and many stuck it out with daily content and some now feel no matter how creative we are, we can’t compete with trash talk and young attitude. It’s not gate keeping , it feels shit being cast aside because old. This adjustment is less about elitist content making and more about feeling like there’s no place for older creative types. The dead app was given up by many . But if it wasn’t for the daily grinders it would have been more DEAD. Blinking and forgetting those troops on the dead front line seems shit… absurd channel much. Go team byte. Do it for the BYTE.