Gamertag Exchange (+Switch codes, etc)

We’ve all got a lot of free time these days. Share your gamertags/handles/platforms, and the kinds of games you play (Switch codes too!)

Yes I have two because I am le Twitch Streamer.
PS4: JorisZarco - All sorts of things right now as I am going through my backlog, wrapping up games I started but never finished. I have been known to play Destiny 2. I do not play Battle Royales.

PS4: TotallyNormal - I only use this one when streaming. Mostly party games like Jackbox.

I do have Steam as well but I don’t play any games on my PC


pikalols18 on discord, xbox live, minecraft, steam, and osu

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My PS4 is blvckaladdin

BcmacIsMe on MineCraft

In addition to that, what is everyone playing right now? I figure a lot of people are playing Animal Crossing

what about Fortnite :))))))