Game Show Starts Next Week

Hi old friends and hello new friends(hopefully)

If you read through this all, you’re a champ!

If you remember one of my threads from last May, it was about starting my social media game show ’ Class Honour’. It was initially intended for the Summer of 2018 but was delayed due to overall troubleshooting. I’ve changed the entire format significantly into a weekly game show that gives out rewards to the winner each week. For those who are new or have forgotten, let me describe my vision:

I believe that a significant amount of content online is generally toxic. It’s clear that a number of individuals with influence are more interested in getting attention and staying relevant. So many people(especially kids) turn to the internet for guidance in some sort of way. But where is that channel that consistently addresses the everyday struggles that the average person deals with? Yes there are Youtubers who bring up important topics such as depression, anxiety, conflict and other stuff that might go on in their specific life. However there doesn’t seem to be a channel that specifically and consistently focuses on everyday problems while providing potentially SOLUTIONS to them. I plan to use my platform as a means of empowering individuals to discover solutions for their everyday struggles:

So my channel/show ‘Class Honour’ , will be a weekly game show where almost anyone may submit a video in regards to solving a problem and get rewarded for it.

The name of my channel is ‘The Class Honour Game Show’(or just "Class Honour’). This is the premise:

  1. The narrator will describe an everyday problematic scenario

  2. Almost anyone who is interested may submit two videos to me. The first video is a visual interpretation of the scenario. The second video will be a possible realistic solution.

  3. After everyone submits their videos, I will choose the top five entries

  4. The viewing audience will vote for their favorite

  5. The winner receives an award.

This starts next week, let me know if you’re interested!!


I like awards so yes I’m interested :metal:


Sounds great!

Also, I read through this all… Do I get a cookie?


This looks like fun! :smile:

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Now this is it chief :+1:

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Awesome!! I glad you all are interested. If it’s a situation where you all are the only ones who submit videos, your chances of winning the prize is enormous!!

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Actually took some time to check your Youtube and I like the concept. Would work well the format of this forum

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If you would like to compete, please subscribe to my channel for updates:

Thank you!!

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Just wanted to show I cared by actually taking the time to watch your content

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LOL, depends on the kind of cookie