Game of Thrones Episode 5 (Spoiler Alert)

I like how Danny became just like her father… Jaime and Cersei’s reunion made me cry, I like how they died together, but I am a bit disappointed in a way they died…

Their death could’ve been more epic, I don’t know…

What do you think? And who is ready for the Finale???


IMO Cersei got off easy. SMH. Her death was better than she deserved.

Daenerys decided she was okay with being queen of the ashes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I honestly don’t blame her BUT after awhile I’m like. “Yo Chill! You got em’!” lol

The Clegane Bowl was satisfying. I wanted it to be longer tho. Hound was my favorite character. :cry:

I’m excited to see how it all ends. But honestly the show wrote itself into a corner. #KingJon???


It is pretty predictable at this point, I think. Danny becomes Mad Queen, Arya kills her, and Jon becomes the king, in my theory.

I knew Danny was gonna become like this, from the beginning. It was her “destiny.” But, the development was weak and rushed, like why killing innocent people for NO REASON? She could’ve just gone for Cersei straight… It was so out of her character… it happened out of nowhere, and I feel like the writers are just focused on trying to wrap up the season…

Cersei and Jaime together was the best moment in this season… I don’t like how they died, but at least they died together…


Yeah I feel like the writers are rushing too. The Night King battle was rushed.
The King’s Landing battle was rushed. Character arcs are being rushed.

Here’s my only concern. If Arya kills Danny, and Jon rules. What happens to the dragon??? lol

Does it fly away? Does everybody burn? Jon keeps it?

Other than that it’s wrap for GOT.


I honestly still can’t believe it’s going to be over this sunday :scream: and Daenery‘s snapped in the last episode, I cant unsee all the damage she’s caused :sob:


You don’t know for sure if Cersei is dead knowing her she’ll some how crawl out of that rubble and someone else will kill her. I think the reason why Daenerys decided to burn everything is because she knew she wouldn’t be able do have it due to Jons secret being leaked so she decided no one could have it I think this season has been rushed but there was an awful lot to fit in to a shorter series than normal and it is still one of the best tv shows made imo.


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